January 17, 2017

Focus on Your Strengths — Not Your Weaknesses, with Dean Marchese

Episode 45:

Dean Marchese is the President and CEO of Empower Media, which is a business growth consulting firm. As a matter of fact, Dean has been President and CEO of many organizations from high-tech companies to Non-Profits. Throughout his career he has successfully started and/or turned around nearly 30 organizations, purchased and grew over 20 separate companies, and helped run a billion dollar public company. Dean has been written about in magazines and interviewed on TV and is an in-demand speaker all over the world.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Dean’s background
  • Why you need to choose the words you tell yourself very carefully
  • Dean’s job where he was treated terribly that taught him how important it is to treat your employees right
  • Why you need to give your team the luxury of failure
  • Why you need crystal clear communication with your employees
  • Why treating your employees like adults will help your turnover rate
  • What you need to teach Millennials — and what you don’t
  • Figuring out and communicating the parameters of your culture
  • Why you shouldn’t ever have your salespeople collect money
  • Why an employee being great in one role doesn’t automatically mean they will be great in a role you promote them into
  • Why all employees need to understand how they’re making someone else’s life better
  • Why leaders need to focus on their strengths — not their weaknesses
  • Why you need to be laser-focused on your goals
  • What entrepreneurs must focus on to be successful today

Ways to contact Dean: