November 28, 2018

Like a Bull in a China Shop, with David Quick

Episode 163:

David Quick is a speaker, leadership coach, and CEO who has worked with everyone from single-employee startups to Fortune 100 companies, teaching them to harness the power and passion of their employees.

David channeled his own passion and power into a tool to propel him to success. David is a three-time CEO of rapid-growth organizations and truly understands the role of leadership in a successful corporation. David has spent more than 20 years of his career with giants like Bayer, Johnson & Johnson, and Roche Diagnostics, and now he is the CEO of “Helping Bulls Thrive in China Shops.”

As the name suggests, David’s organization believes that when business leaders channel the energy of their teams, amazing things can happen. When your herd is full of powerful bulls moving in the same direction, your business can become stronger and more capable. That’s why David has dedicated himself to teaching business leaders to recruit, recognize, and empower the bulls in their teams.


You’ve heard the expression, “like a bull in a china shop,” but have you ever given thought to what it means? It implies that something lacks precision, tact, or a delicate touch. But a bull is a powerful creature. And when that power can be harnessed and channeled, the outcome might surprise you. David Quick is the CEO of “Helping Bulls Thrive in China Shops,” a leadership organization that teaches leaders to utilize the energy and passion of their teams to spur growth and commit to positive vision and values for their businesses.

David calls himself a “recovering bull,” and he learned early in his career that his passion and power could be leveraged to become a force of forward momentum. David’s organization uses executive coaching, keynote presentations, group sessions, and events to turn teams into powerful herds of high-performing bulls.

In this episode, David shares his personal journey of self-understanding and career growth and explains how reflecting on his career gave him the drive and experience to coach others. David discusses employee engagement, the ripple-effect of vision and values, and how a strong vision and core values can draw in the right talent to build your herd and put the right people in the right seats.

By finding and hiring high-performing bulls, you can turn your herd into a powerful cohesive business with a shared vision and passion for success. Listen and learn from David Quick’s no-BS wisdom!

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