August 10, 2016

Don’t Be Afraid to Be The Dumbest Person in the Room, with David Mammano

Episode 3:

David Mammano is the Founder/CEO of Next Step Education Group, entrepreneurial coach and professional speaker.

He has created five companies from scratch and has become known as a successful, serial, grassroots entrepreneur. He loves helping other entrepreneurs shorten the learning curve.

David’s mission in life is to help people realize their highest potential through education. To accomplish this mission, David founded what has become Next Step Education Group, in 1995.

Next Step Education Group is a multi-media enterprise with digital, mobile, video and consumer products and has grown to become a nationwide resource that helps millions of students a year with college, career and life planning.

In 2004, David published his first book, “101 Things You Can Do To Become an Outstanding Young Adult.” His second book, “Make Love in the Workplace,” a guide to awesome culture in the office, was published in 2014.

David has spoken at hundreds of high school, college, business and EO events. In June 2012, he was able to check something off from his bucket list and spoke at a TEDx Conference.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • What made David decide to become an entrepreneur and how his career has evolved since then to where it is today
  • Why you need to surround yourself with mentors
  • Why business leaders have to put their egos aside, hire people smarter than them, and let them do what they do
  • Young employees vs. veterans: who should you hire and when?
  • Turning failures into opportunities
  • The challenges David has faced when scaling his business
  • What David looks for in his “A Players”
  • How to retain your employees easily
  • What David uses to work on his personal development
  • Why you should never ever wing your schedule

Ways to contact David: