August 29, 2017

Empowering Yourself with Mindfulness, with Cyd Crouse

Episode 102:

Prior to co-founding Meditation Studio, Cyd served as the COO and CDO of Gaiam Brands, where she led key growth initiatives including brand repositioning, category expansion and the evolution of Gaiam’s content strategy. In addition, she was heavily involved in the marketing and eventual sale of the Gaiam brand to the Sequential Brands Group. Previously, she held leadership roles at Whole Foods Market and Corporate Express. Cyd is on the Digital Advisory Board of the USO and serves as the Secretary of the Board of the STEPS Foundation. Cyd is committed to conscious commerce and strongly believes that most sustainable way to do good is via ethical commerce.

She has an undergraduate degree in Computer Science from Oklahoma State University, and when she isn’t working on Meditation Studio, she enjoys growing trees, raising longhorn cattle and listening to vinyl records at her micro-ranch in the sandhills of Nebraska.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How meditation can help people from any walk of life to improve themselves
  • Using technology and modern networks to promote wellness
  • Managing stress in your personal and work life even in the worst circumstances
  • Bringing your best self to your life and your job
  • Developing a consistent practice of meditation that will feed your success
  • Why mindfulness and meditation can work for anyone anywhere
  • Maintaining a consistent practice of meditation
  • How to tap into your real potential as a person and professional
  • Setting realistic expectations for yourself and what you can do day-by-day

Ways to contact Cyd: