October 11, 2017

Look for the Lessons in Everything, with Clara Capano

Episode 110:

Clara Capano is an international Trainer, Performance Coach, Speaker, and Author. She has helped thousands become more purposeful and intentional in their business and life. She has a passion for helping others become their truest and greatest self.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Clara’s book “Find Your Focus”
  • Starting your day with the best version of yourself
  • Why clarity of vision and culture are huge for success
  • Becoming the best leader you can be and build a great culture
  • Who Clara learns from herself to become the best leader she can be
  • Realizing that when you choose to do one thing you’re choosing not to do something else
  • Why having a schedule brings you freedom
  • Letting go of the wrong things to make time for the right things
  • The benefits of not watching the news
  • Learning from setbacks and looking for the lessons in everything
  • Asking questions of your team to really improve your company
  • Why you need to take your time with the hiring process
  • The importance of a strong morning routine

Ways to contact Clara: