November 14, 2018

Understanding Your Leadership Type to Become a Stronger Leader, with Cash Keahey

Episode 162:

Cash Keahey has become a true expert in leadership types, after spending 23 years working in global Fortune 500 companies and being exposed to many varied corporate cultures and corporate leaders.

Through the various positions and industries he has worked in through his storied career, Cash has dedicated himself to understanding the different styles of leadership and how each can thrive. Cash has led leadership workshops in 20 countries on 6 continents and is versed in bringing the leadership potential out of entrepreneurs and executives. Through his gift for engaging audiences, Cash has coached leaders to better understanding of their unique value and talents.

Cash is the author of Eight LeaderTypes in the White House: Discover and Leverage Your Oval Office Leadership Style. Through his qualification with the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, he has categorized eight unique leadership types. He now works to help today’s business leaders understand which type they belong to, empowering them to better implement their ideas and strategies.


As a business or team leader, how well do you really understand yourself? Understanding how you lead others can give you valuable insight into how you make decisions and guide your organization. Cash Keahey knows this better than most. Cash is an expert in helping entrepreneurs and C-suite executives bring out their full potential by understanding their leadership type.

Cash wrote his book Eight LeaderTypes in the White House after exhaustive study of the top ten US presidents. He was encouraged to begin his research after being asked the question, “what personality type makes the best leader?” Cash believes that any type of leader can shine under the right circumstances, and his efforts were intended to prove his theory.

In this episode, Cash explains what a LeaderType is, and spells out the eight types and how they interact with each other. Cash shares how to identify your dominant and secondary LeaderTypes, explains why understanding your LeaderTypes can help you identify your strengths and weaknesses, and gives examples of the power of deliberately invoking the correct LeaderType for the problem at hand.

By knowing and trusting yourself, you can become a master of decision-making and leading your organization. Listen to this episode and learn more about Cash’s amazing insights!

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