October 18, 2017

Stay Consistent to Your Core Values, with Carl Cox

Episode 111:

Over the past 20 years, Carl Cox has been supporting companies grow 3x to 5x on the finance and operations side. He has always been passionate about Strategic Planning – but not just to build a plan – but to actually deliver the plan so that the potential of the organization can be reached. Yet, it is always more fulfilling to see the people responsible for delivering the plan growing and reaching their personal goals as well.

In his new role as the CEO for Cascade North America, Cascade Strategy is a perfect fit. Carl has the wonderful opportunity to launch Cascade in North America but to also help organizations from high-tech start-ups to Fortune 500 companies to not-for-profits to governments simplify their strategic execution process. He truly believes this is the biggest impact that he can have in the world – and he is going All In!

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Cascade North America: Carl’s software for managing strategic planning
  • The lessons Carl learned from his mentor Jerry Ramey, the Founder & CEO of Lightspeed Technologies
  • Why you have to walk the walk as a leader and stay consistent to your core values
  • Core value meetings: how Carl turned a bad decision into something that built a lot of trust with the team
  • Asking questions in the right way so that your team feels safe in responding
  • Listing out the top three things you need to get done each day and getting them done first whenever possible
  • Empowering your team to take ownership in your company
  • Hiring the right person for the right role
  • Why you need to take risks
  • What to consider before going out on your own and starting your business
  • The most important daily habit: getting up early

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