January 19, 2017

Be the Biggest Champion of Your Team, with Brian Duncan

Episode 46:

Brian Duncan has over 12 years in the restaurant industry beginning his career in college working every job from dishwasher to server. After graduating from Purdue University, Brian went on to work in food and beverage consulting focusing on international chains and consumer products manufacturing for such companies as Hilton and Revolution Foods. During his time consulting Brain focused on creating efficiencies by utilizing technology. Brian’s background paved the way to multiple tech startups including Chowly. Brian now serves as co-founder and board member for Chowly Inc. and is primarily focused on business development, sales and marketing.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Brian’s background
  • What Chowly is and why Brian created it
  • The challenges of the early stage of a startup
  • Why strong relationships are so important when you’re starting a business
  • Why you need to plan for everything
  • What Brian has learned from his mentor
  • Why you need to provide your employees the opportunity to learn and grow
  • Why Chowly offers unlimited time off for their employees
  • Why your employees need to know that you understand that your business is not more important than their life
  • Why Brian lives in his to-do list
  • Why you need to speak with the people you depend on every single day

Ways to contact Brian: