July 18, 2018

Giving Yourself Permission to Lead, with Anni Keffer

Episode 146:

Author Anni Keffer’s most recent book, Leadership Built on Why, is starting conversations among young adults and encouraging them to take advantage of the opportunities to lead regardless of their age. Her focus is on supporting women and young adults as they overcome external and internal criticism and find the inner strength and inspiration to seize the mantle of leadership. In this episode, Anni Keffer discusses how her leadership traits manifested and offers advice for other young people and women of all ages to overcome negativity and trust their own leadership potential.

From an early age, Anni’s family were leaders in their community and in their careers. From this introduction to leadership, Anni realized that no one will pass you the torch — in order to be successful, you must reach out and grab it! Leadership is about making a conscious decision to make an impact in the world, serving people by giving back at both a local and global level.

One of the biggest takeaways is that while we see successful people in the media every day, what we don’t see is the struggle that they each went through to attain greatness. They didn’t magically wake up one day and claim wealth and a new lifestyle beyond our dreams. Instead, they worked tirelessly every day until their dreams came to fruition. You have to follow your passion — focus on what excites you personally or something that frustrates you greatly so you can change the world.

When you’re hearing negativity from others, it can be easy to get bogged down in those feelings. Instead, separate yourself from that feeling and respond with love and peace. Negative comments often come from a place of jealousy, from individuals who don’t have your same self-belief and trust.

Throughout the episode, Anni Keffer unpacks what it means to truly dig deep into your thoughts and feelings to release positivity and free yourself to become a true leader.

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