September 19, 2018

Aligning Your Company, with Alex Vorobieff

Episode 154:

In this episode, we talk about ways that companies can overcome a plateau. Alex reveals that one of the major hurdles to success isn’t systems or lack thereof, it’s the people. Leaders have a huge role in helping people work together and in figuring out what’s wrong when a company is facing frustration or a plateau.

Too much of what we do today is on autopilot. Alex explains the scientific reason for this as well as why we are biologically wired to dislike negative feedback. It’s important for companies to create a safe space for negative feedback, and Alex talks about ways you can train yourself to get better at handling negative feedback. Part of this is finding out what your “no-fly zones” are and working to eliminate them if possible.

Alex also talks about getting to the “starting line” so everything can run smoothly once a company starts to fix itself.

You don’t want to miss out on all of Alex’s science and research-backed tips and tricks for finding clarity and transforming your company.

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