November 17, 2016

Think Big — Really Big, with Adrienne Garland

Episode 31:

Adrienne Garland is the founder of She Leads Media, a media company dedicated to leadership – both professionally and personally – for women, worldwide. The mission of She Leads Media is to inspire, educate and ultimately, to showcase women as the leaders we were all meant to be. Adrienne has an extensive marketing background and has helped media companies such as Cablevision, DIRECTV, SiriusXM, PR Newswire and PricewaterhouseCoopers with customer growth and digital transformation over the course of her career. She is a sought-after marketing consultant with expertise in bringing together and activating audiences and brands to achieve tangible results. Adrienne is a New York Business Journal 2016 class of Women of Influence honoree.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Adrienne’s background that led into the founding of She Leads Media
  • Why it’s so important to trust yourself
  • What Adrienne learned from her former business partner Laura — and how she’s moved on in her business since Laura left
  • What Adrienne learned from hosting a conference that she lost money on
  • The importance of thinking in a bigger way
  • How Adrienne works with vendors for her conferences
  • How to figure out what to outsource
  • How to vet your outsourcing partners
  • Why it’s so important to talk to yourself in the right way
  • Why Adrienne follows Ben Franklin’s “early to bed, early to rise” advice
  • Why you need to put everything in your calendar
  • Why women need to hold off on the perfect and think really big

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