February 20, 2019

Rising Beyond Mediocrity, with Adam Hergenrother

Episode 172:

Adam Hergenrother is a widely respected speaker and business coach, as well as the founder and CEO of Hergenrother Realty Group and co-owner and CEO of BlackRock Construction, both companies he turned into thriving enterprises within just 10 years. Adam is an expert in helping business leaders chart a path to success. Success for Adam means more than just wealth, it means going beyond mediocrity in all aspects of his life.

At the age of 15, Adam decided that he didn’t want to live a life of mediocrity. He turned his life around and made the conscious decision to excel. Adam made half a million dollars at age 26, but he decided the corporate grind wasn’t for him, so he changed his lifestyle yet again. Adam is a living example of the transformative power of dedication, passion and drive, and his strong focus on his family life serves as the cornerstone for everything he does.

Through daily activities like meditation, exercise and journaling, Adam works to maintain a healthy lifestyle and a clear mind. These important rituals help him build momentum and maintain the energy he needs to tackle every challenge… with the goal of exceeding his own high expectations.


Are you satisfied with the status quo, or do you hunger for more? More success in your career, more quality time with your family, more balance in your life, a more healthy lifestyle, and more energy and focus? In short, are you satisfied with mediocrity or do you want to break out and excel in every aspect of your life?

Adam Hergenrother learned very early on that he wasn’t meant for a mediocre life. At fifteen, Adam was struggling with poor grades, was taking recreational drugs, and was hanging out with the wrong kinds of friends. But Adam realized the path he was on would lead to a life he didn’t want, and so he hit the reset button. He got rid of the bad influences, straightened out his grades, dumped the drugs, and turned to athletics as an outlet (dropping over a hundred pounds in the process).

This dedication to personal excellence is the same energy and focus Adam brings to his real estate business. Adam realized he wanted more from his life, and he took the steps needed to achieve his goals. He practices daily rituals like meditation and journaling, so that by the time he starts his workday at 8 a.m., he is energized and ready to conquer.

In this episode, Adam shares his personal journey out of mediocrity, as well as key tips, strategies and philosophies that can help other business leaders rise to their potential. Listen and be inspired by Adam’s infectious optimism and drive!

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