January 31, 2018

Create Value with Everything You Do, with Aaron Agius

Episode 123:

Aaron Agius is one of the world’s leading digital marketers according to Forbes. He is the CEO of Louder Online, one of the world’s leading digital agencies with a global reach.

Louder Online is an inbound marketing agency that works globally with clients such as Salesforce, IBM, Coca-Cola, Intel, and scores of leading brands, showing them how to technically optimize their sites, perform influencer outreach and link acquisition and produce and distribute content that drives significant lead generation and ROI.

Aaron is a highly sought speaker at Search, Content Marketing and Growth Hacking and many other conferences around the globe including the U.S, U.K, Brazil, London and Australia. His passion to help businesses is driven from his own experience. Aaron was at the cutting edge of the emerging digital marketing field over 10 years ago. He uses that lived experience and now translates it into revenue for clients.

He is also a regular contributor to some of the worlds largest editorial publications, including Entrepreneur.com, Hubspot.com and many more, with thought leadership on marketing and business growth.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • The story of how Louder Online made its first 40 cents with affiliate marketing (and how it scaled from there)
  • Why they added a consultancy side to their business very early on
  • Inbound Marketing: what it is and why it’s so important for businesses
  • Creating content that answers questions and solves problems
  • Strategies for content distribution so that people actually see it
  • Why you need to have a detailed content strategy before you ever put the metaphorical pen to paper
  • How to improve your SEO by running a good business (and why you need to be realistic about the results you’re going to get)
  • Writing the content that attracts the kind of people you want to come work for you
  • The importance of balancing long-term marketing with short-term results as a startup
  • Why video is big now and only going to get more massive going forward

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