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Episode 147: Operational Success for Small Businesses, with Roy Austin

In 2007, Roy Austin founded Rockwell Business Solutions, LLC (RBS), to provide coaching, mentoring, and seminars for small businesses. His passion is helping small business owners achieve their vision and potential to move their business to the next level. RBS has been involved in business development, mergers and acquisitions, investor relations, and negotiations with partners and vendors, particularly banks. Clients include Crescent Investments, Inc.; Cargo Group, LLC; Cargo Transportation Services, LLC; Blue Diamond Pool Services, Inc.; Bottles Up, Inc.; Atlas Surveying, Inc.; Cornerstone Physical Therapy; Polmak LLC; and D. J. Powers, Inc., to mention a few. Through his involvement in BNI (Business Networking International) and other groups he has met and worked with hundreds of small business owners.

Roy is a coach, not a consultant. Consultants tell you what to do; Coaches teach you how to do!┬áRoy is the author of The Alligator Business Solution, which was released March 28, 2017. The book is, in essence, a user’s manual for small businesses. His experience, education, and community service provide a wealth of information for his readers and clients. He also has extensive speaking experience.

From his early years in the military to his most recent work as a CFO for a freight forwarder and customs broker, author Roy Austin has spent his life building the foundation of knowledge that he now leverages to help businesses. He works closely with leaders of small to midsize businesses who are discovering that there’s more to running a business than simply knowing their trade.

Roy and his team help manage the business, marketing and operational side for a wide range of organizations and he brings his vast expertise to each coaching project. Roy shared: “I began to realize that small businesses are started by people who know how to do the work, but doing the work and running a business are two different skill sets.”

Roy uses the term “coaching” instead of “consulting” to indicate that he wants to bring people alongside throughout the process. Coaches are able to help empower their clients to refine valuable leadership skills. Explore how the best players working together may not always create the best team — but that the best team working together can change the world.

There are 7 key leadership traits that will cause people to follow you. These include listening skills, knowing where you’re going, understanding the fundamental purpose of your business, and a matching set of values. Roy also notes that creating a culture that people want to be a part of is an important aspect of retaining star performers.

Listen to the full episode with Roy Austin of Rockwell Business Solutions to hear more insight on a range of topics of interest to businesses, such as how each individual hire is a crucial part of maintaining your organization’s culture.


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