Nathan Hirsch

Episode 114: How to Hire and Onboard Employees, Freelancers, and Contractors, with Nathan Hirsch

Nathan Hirsch is a 28-year-old serial entrepreneur who is an expert in hiring online and building eCommerce businesses. He co-founded his first eCommerce company out of his dorm room in 2009 drop shipping products on Amazon.com and built it to sell over $25 million worth of product over 5 years. While scaling, Nathan discovered the power of outsourcing and ended up building a remote army of freelancers.

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Carl Cox

Episode 111: Stay Consistent to Your Core Values, with Carl Cox

Over the past 20 years, Carl Cox has been supporting companies grow 3x to 5x on the finance and operations side. He has always been passionate about Strategic Planning - but not just to build a plan - but to actually deliver the plan so that the potential of the organization can be reached. Yet, it is always more fulfilling to see the people responsible for delivering the plan growing and reaching their personal goals as well.

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Jon Dwoskin

Episode 108: Being a CEO Doesn’t Mean You Have Leadership Skills, with Jon Dwoskin

Jon Dwoskin is an executive advisor, business coach, and motivational speaker who's been called the business whisperer for his skilled and compassionate insights into what can keep a corporate culture from thriving. At age 23, he created one of the first internet marketing companies in America, then went on to great success at several national commercial real estate firms.

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Eddie Yoon

Episode 106: Find Your Superconsumers and Learn From Them, with Eddie Yoon

Eddie Yoon is the founder of EDDIEWOULDGROW, a think tank and advisory firm on growth strategy. Prior to that he was a partner at The Cambridge Group where he worked for 18 years, a strategy consulting firm founded in 1975 that specializes in helping CEOs and senior leadership teams within Fortune 1000 corporations drive growth by understanding how to unlock new sources of consumer demand. In the last 5 years, he has helped double numerous businesses-cable media company, food brand, beverage company, pet food brand, consumer robotics, standby generators-from several hundred million to close to a billion dollars.

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